Kill Your TV, Stupid

Ask yourself how many TV shows you’ve watched this past year. Go ahead and say it aloud. Did you do that? I can’t hear you, because I’m not there. Nor is anyone on the other side of that screen that most people spend hours every day passively staring at.

If you did say it aloud, you’ve passively accepted and obeyed a command from someone you likely will never meet. This is how watching TV works. This behavior, exhibited by over a billion people every day, is one of the many reasons why most people are stupid.

Apparently people do this voluntarily or we wouldn’t have prime-time television. If you choose to partake in this passive sport, that’s your freedom of choice to be among the many who just let life roll on by. I can’t remember the last time I sat down to watch a TV show, or what that TV show was! That’s not to say I’m stupid. We all do and say stupid things, but some of us to a lesser degree than others.

But it’s this passivity of watching TV that’s the problem. A TV is just a box with sound and pictures. It can’t grow beyond that or it wouldn’t be a TV anymore. And because people refuse to accept their passive behavior, realize they’re stupid, then they will never grow beyond the couch.

It’s not just time spent watching TV that’s stupid, either. It’s money, too! No, no, not the money you could be earning if you weren’t watching TV, nor the money that the TV itself cost. I’m talking about subscriptions to services that cost in the hundreds per month. I hear from people they’re spending well over $200 a month on TV alone! That’s enough to feed a family of four for a few weeks, if you stretch it out correctly.

So where’s the math in that? If you can save $200 a month for one year, and feed your family for an extra two weeks per each of those months, then don’t you feel stupid with that large TV bill? How many times do you need to see your favorite football team play, twelve times a year… for ten years. That’s $200 x 12 x 10… that’s $24,000! Bet you didn’t think of that math, no did you? You can buy Superbowl tickets for less than that, and have a once in a lifetime, unforgettable moment seeing LIVE football.

5 Reasons We’re a Throw Away Society

The votes are in, and they have been tossed out in lieu of my conclusion of the top five reasons we, especially here in America, are a throw-away society.

#1: Everything is Made in China

Look to Americans to devalue products made from a land abroad. For all we complain of stagnant wages, we’re sure proud that prices are low, as low as the quality of products we didn’t even make.

#2: Plastic is Cheap

Plastic, an amazing invention, feels like the cheapest thing in the world. We make toys out of if, wrap our food in it, and some of us go so far as to infuse our tits with them, just to look a little better than the other chick.

Its immense versatility and infinite life span provides us the sense we don’t have to worry about it losing value. If one had to worry about their possessions, they would care for them, like their car. Thankfully, our cars aren’t entirely made of plastic… yet.

#3: Produce from Mexico, Pills from Canada

It shouldn’t surprise anyone the reason for low priced food and pills: they, too, come from abroad. Once upon a time, there was a farmer in Arkansas. That’s about it for that.

#4: Middle East TurmOIL.

Slipped a pun in there for ya. Speaking of slipping, did you know that Americans only value the oil they have at home? We fight hard to protect it, but not as hard as we fought to ship it in from the other side of the world. Where people live in the mountains, the sand, and houses made of rock, instead of wood.

Then again, it’s over there, not our problem.

#5: Clothes Made by Children

Child labor is an awful thing, so the commercials say. This one I don’t get. When was the last time anyone was proud to wear something made by a child other than their own? Nobody? That’s what I thought.

If we all made our own clothes, we could put an end to the apathy. Then again, most will stick to the good ol’ American way of “Who gives a shit?”

Here, let me measure that for you.

People are stupid with food, eating themselves out of health, and blame the place that cooks their sixth meal of the day. Oh, I’m sorry, you like eating a full steak every Friday, a 2lb fat burger every Thursday, and whatever else you can get with grease? Well, here, let the government help you.

Let’s require the calories, the fat, the sodium, and everything else about all the foods we eat everywhere, to be written next to it. Let’s forget all about listening to our own bodies and knowing when to stop eating, when something was gross to eat, and how it affects us. Never mind the majority of the population can’t read past a fifth grade level.

Uncle Sam will take care of it all, he’ll make sure every restaurant, fast food or cuisine, provides the calories, fat, sodium, lack of vitamins, minerals, and everything else about the food. Forget about letting you decide what you want to eat and give in to the numbers. You do remember numbers, don’t you? From math class, in that public school that taught you to write them down, without learning how to apply them? Oh, you don’t? Well, one plus one equals your loss!

Here’s how you decide what to eat: do you like the taste of it? Is it good for you? Do you feel good after eating it, today, and tomorrow; are you tired after eating it? If you’re tired after eating something, you’ve eaten too much, or something that wasn’t good for you.

Food is supposed to give us energy. If you’re sitting around after eating a triple mega super deluxe ultra fat patty, and don’t want to get up, perhaps you should have eaten that salad, and drank water, or milk, instead of the soda.

But what good is it for me to tell you this. Chances are you’re like the 40% obese population in this country. If you can’t listen to yourself, you won’t listen to me. And I don’t think those calorie numbers do anything anyway. In fact, I think they’re a deterrent to business. Putting those numbers in front of people tells them to be afraid, be very afraid, of how much you’re taking in.

I think, instead of numbers, they should have you stand on a scale that points the three different levels of eating: You’re hungry, you’re full, and get the fuck out.