5 Reasons We’re a Throw Away Society

The votes are in, and they have been tossed out in lieu of my conclusion of the top five reasons we, especially here in America, are a throw-away society.

#1: Everything is Made in China

Look to Americans to devalue products made from a land abroad. For all we complain of stagnant wages, we’re sure proud that prices are low, as low as the quality of products we didn’t even make.

#2: Plastic is Cheap

Plastic, an amazing invention, feels like the cheapest thing in the world. We make toys out of if, wrap our food in it, and some of us go so far as to infuse our tits with them, just to look a little better than the other chick.

Its immense versatility and infinite life span provides us the sense we don’t have to worry about it losing value. If one had to worry about their possessions, they would care for them, like their car. Thankfully, our cars aren’t entirely made of plastic… yet.

#3: Produce from Mexico, Pills from Canada

It shouldn’t surprise anyone the reason for low priced food and pills: they, too, come from abroad. Once upon a time, there was a farmer in Arkansas. That’s about it for that.

#4: Middle East TurmOIL.

Slipped a pun in there for ya. Speaking of slipping, did you know that Americans only value the oil they have at home? We fight hard to protect it, but not as hard as we fought to ship it in from the other side of the world. Where people live in the mountains, the sand, and houses made of rock, instead of wood.

Then again, it’s over there, not our problem.

#5: Clothes Made by Children

Child labor is an awful thing, so the commercials say. This one I don’t get. When was the last time anyone was proud to wear something made by a child other than their own? Nobody? That’s what I thought.

If we all made our own clothes, we could put an end to the apathy. Then again, most will stick to the good ol’ American way of “Who gives a shit?”

I Hate People with Authority

My biggest flaw is that I hate people with authority. Not the idea of authority, because we have to have some order in this world to keep everyone from going insane. I hate people who attain authority and don’t know how to use it in a responsible manner.

Here’s the background. As a child, I was told to listen to authority and follow the rules. I hoped these authority figures would follow their own rules, but I often found them being apathetic, indifferent, and expressing vitriol only when their power was threatened. I hated teachers who didn’t stop bullying, and so I took it upon myself to do something about it; yes, the path of violence, because any kid who has been bullied knows, bullies are stupid and don’t know the meaning of the word “no,” or any other word for that matter.

Amazingly, I’m not a criminal, never done drugs, or turned to alcohol to relieve myself of the knowledge that people in authority are generally hypocritical, condescending, oppressive spoiled brats.

At a previous job, workers two to three times my age, would dump their workplace drama on me, at the time, a 19-20 year old college student. As if I could relieve them of their fears and anxieties, or at least confirm their ridiculous suspicions that someone was playing favorites. As much as I informed my boss of this immature bullshit, they gave no thought whatsoever to telling these people to shut their mouth, do their job, and grow up.

However! When I did something out of line I was punished. Never the other way around. I quickly left that job, and every job wherein I’ve run into the same problem. Much like I ran away from school.

People in authority are condescending, hypocritical, oppressive spoiled brats. I hate anyone who has things they didn’t earn, deserve, or need to live. I hate people who tell me to do one thing, and they do the polar opposite. And I despise people who think that just because they’re the boss they can talk to you like you’re a piece of worthless shit.

But you can’t go through life not listening to authority at all. Or can you? Can’t we all just learn to do what we feel is right, without having to resort to someone else telling us what is right? As adults, aren’t we supposed to be responsible? And what sort of responsibility can we have for our lives if we’re seeking the sage advice of indifferent and apathetic authority figures who’s only goal is to fatten themselves with outrageous bonuses and junk food.


This post is in response to the Daily Prompt at WordPress.com, titled, “Flawed.”