Real-Time Strategy Games

As part of my work on the comic book, I like to write out my thoughts in a separate location.

Real-Time Strategy Games

Here’s a genre politicians love. Real-Time Strategy pits a player in a position where they control one or dozens (possibly hundreds) of units in combat. This requires a great deal of focus, skill, and resource management; things that help make perfect little four-star generals. The kind of children conservatives love to breed.

You don’t hear many arguments against this; that’s because, usually, the little men that are controlled are seen from a top-view. You don’t see the graphic details of the people exploding. This is in direct correlation to when people support war, as long as it isn’t in their backyard; if they don’t see it, it doesn’t bother them.

You see, as long as a game teaches children how to be top military commanders, but not commandos, it’s okay; having control over others is a finer lesson than having control over ourselves.

Anyone who has played these types of games, especially online, understands there is a lot of cheating going on; parents and politicians don’t complain about this, either. Just like they complain about others cheating on their taxes, but they turn around and do it themselves.