Eye for an Eye, Justice is Already Blind

Okay, let’s start of with a little current events. I know it’s on your mind and the minds of anyone who believes anything the media or the press tells them. I’m talking about the issues of gun control and addressing mental illness in these psychotic fucks that have been killing innocents in broad daylight.

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t feel sympathy for these assholes, and I don’t want excessive gun control. In fact, I used to believe everyone should be able to walk around with a concealed weapon. But not anymore. And I don’t blame the people going on shooting rampages. Again, I don’t have sympathy for these assholes; I just know where to point the finger.

You know I’m no fan of public education institutionalization. And it is my firm belief that education is exactly where these problems emerge. There are people who actually believe if we understand the criminal mind, we’ll be able to keep them from committing crimes; that we’ll be able to stop them at the source.

These people are the real nuts. It doesn’t work that way. The more we understand about something, the less we fear it, and the more we welcome it as the norm in society. The more we’re subjected to something, the more it seems as the usual order of the day.

But, I have a solution! One I’m sure anti-gun-control advocates will love. The next time some psychotic fuck goes apeshit with a semi-automatic, you kill the bastard. Kill the fuck, in broad daylight. Hey, he has no problem killing innocent people, we should have no problem killing guilty people. We’ve got to be the insane ones if we’re standing there telling him, “Freeze! Drop that M-16 and put your hands up while I point this tiny state-issued firearm at your leg.”

I know what you’re thinking, “Well, gee, Carl, what about due process? What about a fair trial with a jury by peers.” Fuck that! You see this fuck shoot someone, you shoot him in the head. You do not give him sympathy. You do not yield. There is no white flag of surrender. I say: “Eye for an eye, justice is already blind.”

So, of course, the issue of gun control will come up. Oh, we have to control who has guns; we have to control them. Yeah, that works. Bullshit. Criminals don’t give a shit about the law; that’s what makes someone a criminal, not respecting and obeying the law. Any law you make will have no effect — none — on the ability for some asshole to get a gun and blow the heads off of innocent people.

Gee, I wonder where these psychotic fucks come from; they don’t just sprout out of the ground with their guns like an undead soldier. This isn’t something out of the Twilight Zone or Tales from the Crypt. These are so-called normal, well-to-do children. Have you noticed that? These young men over the past twenty years are not the same people the media would have you believe as a mass murderer. The media wants you to believe killers are gangsters, drug dealers, and terrorists.

Some of the most dangerous people have been anything but terrorists, gang members and drug dealers. Think about it. Most terrorist commit one act, and they blow up! They kill themselves in the process! No, most of these killers in the media have been young, middle-class, and white. And that’s why people actually give a shit today.

You see, when crack was introduced, it was all about crime in Chicago, New York, Detroit, and Los Angeles. The places where blacks were segregated by fascist government policies. The media turned a blind eye and refused to even give a shit about finding the psychological and economic reasons as to why gang members and drug dealers were killing each other. It didn’t matter to white people. It was not their problem because it wasn’t in their back yard. It didn’t apply to them.

But now, now that it’s the white man committing these crimes and dying, it seems to me that the media, the press, and the government actually pay attention. That now it’s time to put a control on guns; now it’s time to start looking at the mental illness and insanity of these criminal fucks. Now that the middle class is being threatened, the free, better-off middle class white majority, is losing their fucking mind, it’s time to fix the problem.

They didn’t give a shit when lower-class minorities were hurting. Wait, were? Sorry, I mean are. They still don’t give a shit about lower-class minorities. And I can guarantee you, if the economy was doing fine, you wouldn’t hear anything about gang violence; you wouldn’t hear about drug problems.

The real criminals are the sick fucks who have raped this country, turned a blind eye, and finally, finally! When things look like they’re really going to fall apart, they feel the need to fix it. Because, you know, if the middle class crumbles, then everything falls down with it. The middle class, who does all the work and pays the bills, supporting the upper class with massive profits, and the lower class with shitty government programs.

What I Think of the “Fiscal Cliff”

Let it fall off the cliff. In fact, shove it off the cliff; I’m all for that. I want destruction; something has to teach these greedy drug money laundering bankers a lesson: the party is over. Out the door with them. They spiked the punch, pissed in the pool, and it’s time they had an accident with the roof. They’ve been caught with their pants down and their dicks in our accounts long enough.The Real Fiscal Cliff - Big Business Throwing Away Everything to Hurt Small Business

I’m an honest man, and I don’t want this nonsense to continue. It’s not the bankers fault, entirely. No, I blame the public; society in general. This is a consumption market. Built on the idea people should buy a new model of a product that does the same thing as the one they already have.

They buy it because it works 2% faster than the last one, or saves them one-tenth of a gallon of gas per mile. They buy it because its shiny, has a number added to its name, or comes in a new color.

Normally, I don’t wish ill fates upon others, but these last twelve years have gone too far. The annual GDP of America is over 15 trillion dollars. Trillion, with a T. As in, if you want some of this money, tough shit!

The gap in economic wealth and health is immense. It’s no longer measurable by the width of the Grand Canyon; there isn’t a chasm in the world that can measure this insane difference between the richly filth and poorly dirt. At least we’ve created something practical to measure in light years.

I want it to end, but I’m not advocating we take money away from the rich. Forget that. It will just cause us to be as greedy as them. I’m talking about good old-fashioned torch burning witch hunts, to hunt down the slimeballs who are really responsible for this.

Something needs to scare the life out of these people. They don’t care about the law; they don’t give a shit about paying taxes. What do they need with roads when they can fly around in private jets? What do they need with clean sewage systems when they own the water plant and shit on everyone? What do they need with protection from terrorists when they’re in bed with the oil companies that own the countries they extract it from?

Nothing. Nothing is scaring them. The only thing that scares them is complete government control of their assets. And that’s why I’m rooting for the fiscal cliff to fall off, and China and Russia to return to Communism.

Globalization is a failed experiment for the global community. It seeks nothing more than to make the worldly rich richer, and the unworldly poor poorer.

Please, push these fat, drug laundering bankers off the cliff. We don’t want their drug money. Burn it. There’s too much money in the economy as it is. I hear the midwest could use fuel for fire to keep warm this time of the year.

What Happened On, Nov 9th

History is full of… historical events. Some of which have taken place on this North American continent. November 9th seems to be a day for the British and Germans.

On this day, November 9th, 1780, during the American Revolution, the Battle of Fishdam Ford took place. Now this wasn’t a fight where a Ford motor vehicle blocked a river; no, it took place in what is now Carlisle, South Carolina. Neither of which have anything to do with Henry Ford or fish.

British arrogance has no sense of camoflauge.
British arrogance has no sense of camouflage.

In this battle, British forces tried to launch their — obvious — surprise attack. It, however, resulted in utter failure. One might wonder how the British were able to hide anywhere behind trees and inside bushes, what with those bright red coats and ridiculous hats. Blue was a better choice of color, and could be the reason why we won in the first place. It works better for nighttime raids.

And this ambush was in fact a nighttime raid. The British hid in the usual bushes and trees, fired a few good shots with their muskets. However, their ambition was swiftly cut down when they charged into an American camp and got their bayonets and flamboyant coattails caught in a fence. They, apparently, couldn’t get free for nearly twenty minutes, likely tossing aside all their clothes, and running off in the night, nude.

Nineteen years later, a famous short french dude by the name of Napoleon, lead a coup d’√©tat and overthrew the French Directory. Apparently, he was fed up that his name didn’t appear in the French semaphore phonebook, an invention that resembled the telegraph by using line-of-sight.

Regardless of the reasons, this was one of the precursors to Napoleon’s reign as French Emperor. Originally, it was to be a peaceful coup, but the midget, er, short French, okay, Dictator, oh all right, General Napoleon. On the first attempt, he merely stormed the chamber of the Directory, and shouted this and that, it all doesn’t really matter. What matters most is what happened next:

Short Dead French Dude
Short Dead French Dude

Napoleon decided to storm another chamber, one filled with other French leaders arguing back and forth about stuff. During the arguments, Napoleon was smacked clear across the nose by someone else who was five-foot-seven.

Through some randomness that no longer matters — because, frankly, after you become an emperor, what does your past matter? — the French Directory would fall apart. A provisional government was put in place, with Napoleon as one of its leaders. And, as the French public hardly reacted at all, it was their way of saying, “We don’t really give a shit.” The Revolution was indeed over. All in all, it led to him becoming Emperor.

Robert Blum, of Germany, was executed in 1848. He was an opponent of antisemitism, ethnocentrism, and oppression, a supporter of democracy and equality amongst sexes; essentially, the complete opposite of Nazi Germany. After his arrest on November 4th, he was given just five days for a tribunal and execution. When the idea of hanging him failed, someone just pulled out a gun and said, “Oh, lass uns einfach hinter uns bringen.” Which, according to Google, translates into: “Oh, let’s just get this over with.”

1861: The first documented account of Canadians trying to play American football. It didn’t become as popular as American football because it had three-downs, ten extra yards, and teams could score an extra point when their ball is kicked into the endzone and not returned by the receiving team. Regardless, Canadians chose to keep Hockey as their national past time because Wayne Gretzky’s lack of teeth paled in comparison to that of NFL players.

US President Teddy Roosevelt's Official Portrait
A real man’s man, man.

In 1906, Theodore Roosevelt became the first sitting U.S. President to visit another country, where he inspected the building progress of the Panama Canal. This was the first sign that the United States somewhat, sort of, kind of, said to the rest of the world, “Yes, we do give a shit.”

Speaking of worldly history events, Kaiser Wilhelm gave up his throne on this day in 1918, effectively ending the German Revolution (by this time their eighth revolution).

Robert McNamara was named the president of the Ford Motor Company Nov. 9th, 1960. He swiftly gave it up a month later when he was asked to join the John F. Kennedy administration, persuaded by the chance that he’ll meet Marilyn Monroe.

And if you’re a fan of Rock ‘n’ Roll, or bands filled with old people, you’d be delighted to know that November 9th, 1967, was the first publication date of Rolling Stone Magazine. Yes, even the Internet’s throat-grab of the publishing industry can’t stop a Rolling Stone.

Speaking of rocks falling, on this day in 1989, checkpoints were opened at the Berlin Wall, allowing East and West Germans to find out that, truly, on each side, people are exactly the same.

Finally, the British, with their wonderful brilliance on the rights of mankind, declared in 1998 the end of capital punishment to all capital crimes, proving to the world that the English truly have chopped off their left nut.