Comment Corner

I’d like to introduce a new segment I call, Comment Corner. It seems to me, that any time I post a comment on a news website, it goes unheard, or voted down unfairly by some dumb motherfucker. Instead of losing my opinions that pop up at that point in time, I will publish them here for y’all to read. It will diagnose both my comments, and generalize the comments of the article’s readers.

First up, Lt. Tim McLaughlin’s decisions to withhold his American Flag from being used as propaganda celebrating the most senseless and expensive war in U.S. history.

I’m not one to falsely believe in symbols, especially when rich white men parade them around. I think this marine did the right thing, by exercising his well-earned privilege to stop the media’s decathlon on creating a spectacle of death and destruction. As much as I like big explosions, and finding interesting and amusing ways for the species to kill itself, I do hope there could be some sort of peace.

Of course, when you scroll down to the comments of these military-related articles, everyone shows off their support for the marines, while bashing the government. But really, who is to blame for the killing; the government that orders the soldiers to do the killing, or the men who pull the trigger? Now before you get your patriot arrows out, I want you to know, I support anyone who’s willing to risk their their lives for the sake of a few misguided, theology based opinions. Makes us feel important, and at times, stops a real criminal.