Why You Can’t Sleep: Your Thoughts Are Keeping You Awake

You can't fall asleep because you tell yourself that if you don't get enough sleep, you'll feel like shit all next day.


10 People I’d Rather Not Work With

#1: The Regurgitating Cliche Ever hear a car alarm outside your bedroom window, on a hot summer night? The Regurgitating Cliche is worse than the repeated wails of a Volvo, as this office worker is at least a semi-conscious human being, with the following warning signs: Can't form an original thought. When asked a new … Continue reading 10 People I’d Rather Not Work With

Everything on the Internet is Fake

In response to today's Daily Prompt, Authentic, I want to remind you everything on the internet is fake. Here's a list of three things: 1: All the News Every article, tweet, video, and opinion, paraded on sites like CNN, Fox, Yahoo!, HuffPost, and Tech Crunch, are fake. None of what you see happened in the real … Continue reading Everything on the Internet is Fake